Shipmates Sponsorship

Shipmates Sponsorship

William the Fourth is owned by William the Fourth Inc., a registered charity, and is fully maintained and operated by volunteers as it requires continual maintenance.

To support the long-term operation of the ship we seek the financial support of community members.

The ‘William the Fourth Shipmates’ program allows community sponsorship, with benefits for all members. Contact us for more details.

We invite you to join our support team.

The ‘shipmates’ program provides status and a benefit for a fixed donation. Annual levels are as follows:

$50 – SHIPMATE – Opportunity to be guest crew member with photo at helm, presented on special certificate.

$100 – BOSUN’S MATE –  Cap* and 2 tickets on Morning Tea Cruise.

$250 – FIRST OFFICER – Cap* and 2 tickets on 2 Themed Cruises.

$1,000 – CAPTAIN – Cap* and 2 tickets for 3 Themed Cruises.

$2,500 and above –  COMMODORE – Cap* and 2 tickets for 4 Themed Cruises.

*A special embroidered cap signifying the rank of the donor will be officially presented on-board.